No.1: Juicy grilled beef loin with garlic butter sauce.

We provide soft beef loin with special butter soy sauce with garlic.

Regular size 200g: ¥1,880
Large size 300g: ¥2,680

No.2: Camembert cheese fondue

Try dip baguette in the fresh and creamy cheese. The “special” also provide chicken and vegetables.

Regular: 200g: ¥900
Special: 300g: ¥1,420

No.3: Braised beef in red wine, cassis and seasonings

We stewed the beef in red wine and blueberry.


No.4: Rich cream sauce spaghetti with blue crab and sea urchin.

Two kinds of seafood matched on the creamy pasta dishes.


No.5: Spicy fried chicken with Chinese sauce

Crispy fried chicken with spicy Chinese style sauce.


No.6: California roll

Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese matched with special Sushi rice.

Small size: ¥880
Regular size:¥1,330

No.7: Grilled meat combo

Several selected meats dynamically on the plate. This will satisfy your stomach for sure.


No.8: Gambas al Ajillo

Spanish-style Garlic Shrimp with anchovy, squid and mushrooms. You also can enjoy dipping bread in it.


No.9: Summer roll with sweet chili sauce

summer roll which rolls juicy shrimp and mellow cheese. It’s popular among American guests.


No.10: Okinawa paella

SEAGARDN Original Paella which made of crab, squid, shrimp, mussels, sea grapes and so on. Rich seafood soup soaked in it.

Small size: ¥1,480
Regular size: ¥1,880